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The following types of projects do not fall within the scope of the Foundation:


  • Non-solidarity, not in the general interest, or for profit.
  • Exclusively cultural or sports related.
  • Healthcare related.
  • Aimed at preserving the historical heritage of a private individual.
  • Personal, for the benefit of an individual having a single beneficiary.
  • Emergency aid initiatives either in France or abroad.


Role of the project supporter


Project selection criteria and stages in the selection process

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Application for funding

Welcome to the Eiffage Foundation project application website.

The website will guide you through a description of your project in order to optimise the selection process. An initial pre-selection questionnaire assesses the eligibility of your project.

Please read carefully the information concerning the criteria and stages in the selection process opposite and the supported project objectives below.

You can save your project application and complete it at a later stage. Once the project has been submitted, the selection process will begin.

We thank you for your interest,

The Eiffage Foundation Team

Please contact the Eiffage Foundation if you have any questions: tel. +33 1 71 59 11 18.


Supported project objectives

The Eiffage Foundation supports initiatives promoting the social and professional integration of people in situations of exclusion, in the following five domains:

  • Employment : projects directly promoting access to employment for people in difficulty. For example: professional integration worksites and companies, ESAT sheltered employment organisations, adapted companies.
  • Training : educational or professional qualification training, field schools, fighting illiteracy, social integration driving schools.
  • Housing : projects promoting access to autonomous housing for vulnerable people. For example: transitional housing, social housing, intergenerational housing.
  • Sport : projects combining professional integration initiatives with sport.
  • Culture : initiatives promoting professional integration as part of a cultural project.